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Join your company softball team, go for a jog on your lunch break or just take that impromptu team meeting outside. With acres of green space, walking and biking trails, softball fields and volleyball courts, the Research Triangle Park offers an abundance of recreational opportunities to cultivate community and round out your work week.


  • Over 17 miles of jogging and pedestrian trails, including a tree identification trail and a bluebird trail with 40 actively-monitored bird houses
  • The 4-mile mountain biking trail, with a recently completed expansion. 
  • 4 softball fields
  • 10 grass and 6 sand volleyball courts

To reserve one of the softball diamonds or volleyball courts, please contact

» See a map of jogging trails, fields and courts

» See the calendar of softball field reservations


  • The RTP League gets priority to all softball fields.
  • Reservations can only be made 2 weeks in advance.
  • Max 4 hours per reservation.
  • Rental fees may apply if you are not affiliated with an RTP company.
  • Exceptions to the above rules may apply to bona fide RTP company events.

Sports Leagues

The Park offers access to independently managed volleyball and softball leagues. 

The RTP softball league runs from mid-April through Labor Day. Over 800 employees participate on company teams, with 16 co-ed teams extending the season to play in the RTP World Series at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

The RTP volleyball league runs two 10-week outdoor volleyball seasons in the spring and fall, each ending in a single-elimination tournament.