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The MASS-tastic Voyage




11:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Phenomenex | AB SCIEX


Phenomenex and AB SCIEX Invite You to Experience the MASS-tastic Voyage

Visiting more than 25 cities over 9 weeks, the MASS-tastic Voyage will bring THE ideal analytical lab to the doors of scientists across North America. Attendees will encounter the latest innovations from Phenomenex and AB SCIEX in action as each step in a streamlined analysis of an actual sample is demonstrated, from sample preparation through final analysis. Visitors will experience firsthand how employing advanced separation and detection technology can lead to a competitive advantage by saving time, reducing costs per sample, and obtaining more sensitive and specific results.

Who Should Attend
Everyone involved in the analysis of food, clinical, or environmental samples! The MASS-tastic Voyage will bring experts to your city to present live demonstrations, offer method development assistance, and assist with troubleshooting, as well as to speak about new advancements in chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry. Whether you are new to performing separations by LC/MS/MS, or you are looking to extend your considerable expertise, the MASS-tastic Voyage will be a vital resource.

What can be expected
A complete LC/MS/MS lab-on-wheels featuring live sample analysis and working LC/MS/MS systems, in a multimedia environment that will provide in-depth explorations of tools that attendees can use in their own laboratories. At the Rapid Response Solutions Bar, visitors can explore interactive web tools to aid method development, column selection, and application searches, and win free prizes! 

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