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Leadership in Technology Executive Speaker Series | Paul Jones




6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Fidelity Investments
NCSU Department of Computer Science


#noemail - Why you could/should/must use better ways of communicating than email!

Nearly 30 years ago Paul Jones began working on unified messaging systems leading from Call-OS, USENET, WYLBUR, TSO, BITNET, DARPA, ARPA to modern (for its time) SMTP mail. That was then, and this is now. Email has become a zombie that doesn't realize that it’s dead and falling apart, a vampire that sucks your life's blood away slowly each night. You've probably noticed this yourself. Jones has put email behind him. In an attempt to atone for his part for inflicting email on UNC, he is exploring alternatives to email with a shotgun and a wooden stake (and Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) as his tools. This talk with touch on the sad beginnings of email, offer some atonement for Jones' part in the mess, and discuss trends and alternatives needed to achieve the Logic and Destiny of #noemail.

Featured Speaker: Paul Jones, Director,

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Classroom 1231
College of Engineering Building II
Centennial Campus
NC State University

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