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Innovation in RTP | Passion Driven Innovation by Excellerate




4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Research Triangle Park
Innovation in RTP series


Topic: Passion Driven Innovation by Excellerate

Organizational growth and innovation do not progress in a linear fashion but rather develop through a culture of creative collaboration, where people, purpose, and passions are the catalysts of breakthrough ideas.  Alignment of employees' passions and unique skills/talents with the organization's mission is essential in bringing to life the desired innovations necessary to thrive in today's globally competitive marketplace.  When we fully engage our passions, that extra effort and energy required to be our most creative, innovative and bold selves manifests in powerful ways.

In this engaging and interactive presentation, we will explore:

  • 10 Passion Archetypes based on The Passion Profiler, a groundbreaking online assessment instrument, which reliably measures and identifies an individual's life and work-related passions which are the outward manifestation of his/her deeper inner purpose which drives that individual personally and professionally.
  • How applying an individual's and a team's passions to the generation and flow of an organization's knowledge can create and effectively deploy game changing innovations within organizations and in the marketplace.


  • Dave Vogelpohl, Founder, Excellerate Solutions, Inc
  • Bill Spreitzer, Senior Partner, Excellerate Solutions, Inc
  • Susan Arnold, Susan Arnold Coaching

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