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4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Research Triangle Park
Innovation in RTP series


Speaker: Todd Blonshine, CEO, Mustard Tree Instruments
Topic: Drug Shortages and Recalls: Redefining Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry with A Purpose

Join Todd Blonshine, CEO of RTP-based Mustard Tree Instruments, in learning how his growing, two-year-old company is taking the complex science of Raman spectroscopy and applying it to solve a major problem in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

News outlets are full of stories of hospitals short on drug supplies, due to the inability of pharmaceutical manufacturers to keep up with demand. Quality control issues specific to raw materials coming in from overseas are leading to more and more delays in production and a record number of product recalls.

Mustard Tree Instruments is closing the gap in testing tools needed to accelerate the QC process with fewer recalls. Rapid testing with MTI instrumentation takes the guess work out of quality control and provides customers with tools to assure fact-based decision making versus producing at risk.

Blonshine will take attendees through his company’s genesis from a driven startup to a leader in the analytical instrumentation industry and show how reapplying existing technology with a purpose can benefit the pharmaceutical industry and the public at large.

Todd Blonshine has instilled a corporate culture at Mustard Tree Instruments which drives the company to continually partner with innovative institutions to leap frog technology and be at the forefront of the changing dynamics of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Utilizing his 25 years experience in commercial ventures within the instrumentation industry, Blonshine has loaded-up Mustard Tree Instruments with talented leadership which includes global pioneers in pharmaceutical manufacturing and instrumentation industries, as well as R&D technical leadership gathered from the software, semiconductor and communications industries, all of whom are dedicated to addressing the needs of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry with a purpose. "One of our missions in life is to 'love our neighbor.' And we at MTI do this by helping the manufacturing professional have better information, faster, to make quality decisions, by returning a fair value to our investors, by providing a positive and creative workplace, and by helping to ensure that the child next door gets a quality medicine when they are sick."

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