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Help Us Redevelop the Research Triangle Park

The RTP hit the road not too long ago on a state-wide bus tour. From town to town we traveled – to learn what the people of North Carolina need from the Park they helped build 50+ years ago.

We were out to discover new ways we could help support our universities, attract jobs and improve the overall quality of life. We were out to ReImagineNC.

And now that we’re back at headquarters, our goal hasn’t changed – we still want your ideas as we go about shaping the future of the Park. We're creating several "multi-use cores" in the Park -- that means areas that allow for collaboration, residential and retail -- to make life better for everyone.

What will make these spaces pop? Tell us about it!

Want an artificial lake with jet skis? Or a common area, where researchers and students from the various universities and companies can collaborate on discovery? A space port? A human-powered monorail? A golf course? Outdoor office spaces? A giant, socially-connected hive that plugs in to all major existing social media networks and brings the state or region together? What about a giant, gold Ric Flair statue?

Obviously, all ideas might not be created equal, but we still want all of them! Please send suggestions to

To learn more about actual suggestions that have been made, feel free to read the notes of our first official Town Hall, which are available here.

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