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Using Expert Systems to Make Better Financial Decisions




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Innovation in RTP


Brian Hamilton joins the Innovation in RTP series to discuss Sageworks' unique, patented technology that allows accounting professionals, financial institutions, business owners, and CFOs to make better financial decisions. Hamilton will discuss how he developed Sageworks' broad and expandable technology that allows for rapid financial analysis and interpretation as well as the aggregation of financial data.  He will discuss how the technology uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate reports and analytics.  The AI contains thousands of expert system rules, thousands of text pages, and industry benchmark data, all of which allow the technology to produce unique reports that change as company data changes.  Customers receive individual and specific content based upon their financial data - each time someone runs a narrative report, he/she will receive one of thirty-two trillion possible reports that the system is capable of producing.  In short, Hamilton will share how Sageworks' technologies have been developed to be "smart".

Company Bio:

At Sageworks, we want to help people make better financial decisions by giving them information they can understand and use.  We are committed to helping the world realize the benefits of Information Technology.  Implicit in the effort to bring products and services to the market today is the idea that an increase in the availability of information is equal to an improvement in how people use that information - an improvement in decision-making.  Yet, despite having more information, individuals and organizations are still challenged with how to make better and more profitable decisions.  Our company provides unique information and technologies that help people understand information and use it to improve their financial lives.  Financial institutions, accounting professionals, business owners, and CFOs alike have benefitted from Sageworks' expert systems.

Speaker Bio:

Brian Hamilton is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sageworks, a financial software and information company serving thousands of accounting firms and financial institutions across North America and the United Kingdom.  He is a noted expert in finance who has been published and quoted in most major national media outlets including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox News, and the New York Times.  He is currently a guest columnist for  Brian holds an MBA from Duke University and a bachelor's degree from Sacred Heart University.

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