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RTP: Syngenta Scientists in a Greenhouse

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The Research Triangle Park is known as one of the top R&D clusters in the world.

Our three universities, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke University and N.C. State University, work in harmony with Park companies, ensuring a steady churn of research, discovery and innovation. This reputation attracts innovators, investors, entrepreneurs and large, multinational companies here to the heart of North Carolina.

Access to quality, educated workers and a high quality of life keep the region competitive.

RTP is more than a location for R&D operations and a center of innovation: it is an engine for the economic growth.

Our researchers have won Nobel and the Pulitzer prizes. And discoveries such as  dolutegravir (ViiV's anti-HIV drug that is currently under FDA priority review), Universal Product Code (UPC) barcode scanners, 3D ultrasound technology, Astroturf, Taxol and Ctrl+Alt+Delete have been developed in the Park. 

And the official Periodic Table of Elements is still maintained out of RTP -- by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

The spirit of discovery and innovation continues to flourish within RTP; 50+ years after the Park was first built, it remains one of the top R&D, life science and technology clusters in the world and its technical, chemical, and biomedical partnerships have produced discoveries that impact the lives of all people.

And the critical mass of technology and R&D companies in the Park has created a dynamic region with a highly sought-after labor pool and the existing base of leading-edged companies and global brands draws more high-quality employers and companies to settle here in the greater Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill area. 

More than anything, it is the research, use of technology, investment in employees and talent that continues to draw businesses to the Park.

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