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RTP Hosts 15th Electronics Recycling Day Event



Environment@rtp, a committee of The Research Triangle Park’s Owners & Tenants Association, will host its fifteenth Electronics Recycling Day on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 for RTP employees to drop off unneeded household electronics for donation and/or recycling.

Who: RTP employees (of companies located within the official boundaries of The Research Triangle Park, contractors included)

When: Wednesday, September 21st, from 7am – 6pm

Where: Park Point (formerly Nortel’s Gateway Facility) in RTP
4001 E. Chapel Hill Nelson Hwy. (Hwy. 54)

Notes: All donors must bring a completed donation form.

In addition to household electronics, employees may drop off mercury containing thermometers and thermostats.  Since the first event was held almost six years ago, the Environment@rtp committee has collected roughly 8,467 donations of used electronic equipment such as computers, stereos, cell phones, VCRs, and TVs from RTP employees, amounting to 279 tons of recyclable material being donated or diverted from landfill disposal.

Synergy Recycling, the collection and processing contractor for the event, is a company dedicated to protecting the environment by recycling electronics in the most responsible manner.  Synergy keeps used computer and telecom equipment out of local landfills by converting them back into commodities -- good for future use and value. 

Computers that meet specifications will be repaired and refurbished by the Kramden Institute, Inc. ( and donated to economically disadvantaged students in North Carolina. 

Contact: James Lim | Director of @rtp Programs | 919.433.1668 /

Media Contact: Research Triangle Foundation | 919.549.8181 /